Automatic machine for doors (panels) processing
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Special  machine  for the processing of the door panel.   The machine is equipped with a double shoulder for the simultaneous processing on the two sides of the door panel. Doormatic execute processing on a shoulder (fixed) for any type of hinge (anuba – book hinge – hidden hinge-pivot).   On the opposite shoulder (mobile), the machine does the work for any type of lock (chest - key hole and handle hole). The mobile shoulder is driven by a brushless motor for the rapid adjustment to the width of the panel.     Competitive advantages:   - Greater productivity: from 450 to 1000 door panels per shift with one operator.   - High flexibility thanks to a fast set up for customized production (lotto1), or large quantities.   - High accuracy of work due to the extraordinary rigidity.   Shifts all with brushless technology, managed by Numerical Control. Operator interfacing on industrial PC in Windows environment for maximum ease of programming and wireless networks.