Kitchen and cabinet doors with 45 and 90 junction
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Kitchen and cabinet doors production

ESSEPIGI produces a range of specialized machinery for the industrial processing of  kitchens cabinets doors and furniture doors: a) drilling-cutting machines for cabinet doors with  90 ° or 45 ° jointing; b) cutting -milling-drilling machine to process shaping profiles in solid wood;   c) dowel driving machines for inserting glue and dowels. For the production of finished or wrapped profiles, ESSEPIGI offers the sawing-drilling RAPID 3000 machine able to execute perfect cuts without splintering on all types of material: RAPID FV version is able to process as well as cuts and boring on side, also vertical holes for hinge and handle. A wide range of options to customize RAPID model. For the dowel and glue inserting ESSEPIGI proposes INSERIT 600 model,  a versatile and highly reliable machine.